Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Year - Topic Suggestions?

Kenneth D. Froelich is still alive and kicking.

Happy 2010 everyone! I am currently wrapping up my brief "internet" vacation, and will return to "The Electric Semiquaver" in around two weeks. In the meantime, I would like to offer those of you reading an opportunity to suggest topics that you would like for me to discuss in an upcoming post. Please respond to this posting with your suggestions, and - assuming that I can figure out something useful to say on the topic - will be happy to discuss it!


  1. I am a young composer with two questions for the Electric Semiquaver:

    1. I am curious to know your ideas for how one could or should tackle the concept of semi-tones and non-tempered tunings when composing a piece in Finale or Sibelius.

    2. I am also interested to hear how you ultimately decide the page layout of a score and parts. Landscape or portrait? What paper size, standard or custom? Is a non-standard paper size worth the hassle in the end? Are the MOLA standards slowly going out of style in favor of easier 8.5x11 part sizes due to the computer notation software revolution?

  2. Ken,

    You always have such interesting titles, the kinds of titles that grab interest right away. I hate coming up with titles, having resorted to browsing a thesaurus to title a recent piece (which I still don't much care for). I know it doesn't have anything to do with notation software, but I wondered if you might have any thoughts on titles.